Art of a Cowboy

With Steve Boaldin

The Art of a Cowboy is part documentary and part reality show that captures cowboy artist Steve Boaldin’s vision of preserving the legacy of cowboys and ranchers on film and on canvas. Each 30-minute episode, which is co-created by Steve Boaldin and Saraa Kami, is jam-packed with real-life action as cattle are herded on horseback, …

The Artist

Steve Boaldin is no stranger to the subjects he depicts. Raised on a farm and ranch in southwest Kansas, Steve grew up working cattle, rodeoing & breaking horses. As these were his favorite aspects of farm life, it is no wonder he chooses to paint & draw them. From a small child he always enjoyed …

The Show

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The program follows painter Steve Boaldin as he visits ranchers across the Midwest. The show was created to bridge the gap between the viewing audience and ranch families, while featuring compelling interviews as well as lighthearted humor and the artwork of Boaldin