The Artist

Steve Boaldin is no stranger to the subjects he depicts. Raised on a farm and ranch in southwest Kansas, Steve grew up working cattle, rodeoing & breaking horses. As these were his favorite aspects of farm life, it is no wonder he chooses to paint & draw them. From a small child he always enjoyed drawing things on the farm he saw, and others in his community knew this as well. At 18, Some family friends recommended he study with an instructor. The instructor encouraged him to take his art more seriously. So as his paintings began to sell, he moved his family to Oklahoma City in 1986 so he would be able to study commercial art. This would help him make a living as an artist while he continued to work on his painting. Steve worked as a commercial artist, and illustrator for 30 years while selling his paintings on the side, and now works as a professional fine artist full time. Over the past few years, Steve has studied with Martin Grelle, Bruce Green, George Hallmark, and Tony Eubanks. Their work and that of other western artists have greatly influenced him. Steve chooses to paint the contemporary cowboy, wildlife, and portraits.

People always ask me why I paint so many cowboys. Well, I was raised as a cowboy, and it only makes sense to paint what you really know and enjoy.

I also really enjoy painting portraits. That has always been another one of my passions. That doesn’t mean I won’t paint other subjects though. I have been commissioned to paint all sorts of things. When I see a painting well done and accurately portrayed, I really admire it. That is what makes the painting really worth its price. Steve currently resides in Guthrie, Oklahoma.