Art of a Cowboy

With Steve Boaldin

The Art of a Cowboy is part documentary and part reality show that captures cowboy artist Steve Boaldin’s vision of preserving the legacy of cowboys and ranchers on film and on canvas. Each 30-minute episode, which is co-created by Steve Boaldin and Saraa Kami, is jam-packed with real-life action as cattle are herded on horseback, branded, vaccinated, and prepared for market. Although the show is filmed on present-day working ranches, many of the methods these cowboys use for working cattle have not changed in over 100 years. The work is hard but immensely satisfying according to the ranchers and their families.

A life-long cowboy and third-generation rancher himself, Steve Boaldin has all of the abilities necessary to join the ranchers as they work their cattle. He is as proficient at cutting steers and roping calves as he is mixing colors and stretching canvas for his next oil painting. It takes highly developed skills both as an artist and as a cowboy to achieve his mission of authentically capturing the spirit of the ranches and their families in sketches and photos.

Back in his studio, he uses these drawings and pictures to create cowboy-themed fine art. As he paints, he often shares artistic techniques that make his paintings lifelike.

The Art of a Cowboy provides a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the remarkable cowboy culture handed down for generations and to discover the challenges and triumphs of today’s ranchers. Using his down-to-earth appeal and engaging sense of humor, Steve Boaldin captivates his audience as he does everything from saddling a cow pony to cleaning his paint brushes.

Tune into The Art of a Cowboy as Steve Boaldin holds open the door to a fascinating world of ranchers and cowboys as they hold open their doors for him.